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A reluctant return to Windows

I have lived a Windows-free life for a good long while now, using the OS only at work and leaving my home setup free of Microsoft’s influence. However, with the upcoming shift to Windows 10 in my place of work (which I will be helping to develop) and my need to study PowerShell and Hyper-V for my 70-410 exam, I decided to bite the bullet and once again load Windows 10 Professional on to my machine.

Acclimitising to new tech

My team recently moved away from a (frankly old and creaking) ManageEngine ServiceDesk solution to Jira for our Helpdesk. This has been met mostly with dismay by the majority of my team, so much so that I am one of the only people in the office still excited about the upgrade.

Apple: drink the cider

Let me get this off my chest right now. I hate Apple. I hate iOS. I hate macOS. I hate the software, the hardware, and the ethos of Apple.

Back to the drawing board

For the past couple of weeks I've been trying out new things. New to me, anyway. And as you might expect, I'm really bad at them. Let's talk about that!

Baku Social

I've been looking for a project recently to teach me some more about various technologies, specifically public cloud stuff like AWS and container tech like Docker.

Deploying and controlling Google Chrome settings using Microsoft Intune

Righto. This one has given me a mild headache for the last couple of days, but I've found a workable solution that allows me to set a home page for users in Chrome. You would have thought that would be really easy, right? Well, Google in its infinite wisdom has decided that conventional Windows management is for wusses. So down the rabbit hole we go.

Deploying Sophos in a production environment

AntiVirus is a necessary evil. Deploying it is an unnecessary headache.

Getting on with Gutenberg

It seems like you can't use anything these days without spending a good amount of time trying to keep up with changes to the product you're using. My partner frequently complains about apps on her phone being updated, only to find that entire sections of the UI have changed with seemingly no warning.

Another day, another Intel fail

Intel cocked up their security again? I'm shocked, I tell you. Shocked.

Knit and Perl

I mostly seem to hang out with coders. It seems that the people with whom I most frequently interact are computer scientists or software developers…

New site

As the astute among you may have noticed, this site has undergone some changes over the last couple of days. That's because I've now completely moved away from Wordpress and destroyed my old server in favour of a different provider.

Personal matters

This post is more of a rant than anything technical. In fact, it's more of a moan born of recent frustrations. Nevertheless, this is my website. Where better to moan?

PGP problems promise pounding headaches

At the moment, information on this flaw is scarce, so as always it’s best to wait until the paper is published. However, there are some things we can clear up from the start.

Some more Windows work

It's been a little while since I last posted here. I've been having a very busy and productive time at work. Let's jump in to some of the stuff I've learned over the past couple of weeks. Come on! It'll be fun!

Microsoft Teams deployment headaches

So you want to use Microsoft Teams in your organisation, huh? Are you prepared for the pain? The lack of documentation? The feeling of utter exasperation at a company unable to properly consider the needs of enterprise customers in their new "modern" approach?

Uncontrolled devices: not even once

We are losing our grip on device ownership. This is a terrible thing.

Baku Social news

It's been a busy month for Baku Social, with downtime and upgrades going on all at once.

Going free

I've been working with and enjoying technology most of my life. As such (and given the long history of vendor lock-in and associated cost/challenge with going without the support of major tech companies), I have a pretty significant footprint with certain tech companies.

Into the Void

Matrix is here

And it's finally here! After much head scratching, frustration, and eventually the building of an entirely new server, my Matrix server is up and running.

Say no to Slack

I cannot abide Slack. Slack represents the worst of office communications wrapped up in a frustrating, ugly, and resource-intensive application.

Tanuki Tunes update

I've been doing some maintenance on my Funkwhale server to give you all the best possible experience.


So I've been having some fun recently trying to teach myself Rust I'm not really a programmer by any stretch of the imagination (yet!) but was challenged to write a bot for a Matrix chatroom I frequent. Most of us have written bots already, so it was my time to try something.


For a good long while now I've been hosting a bunch of different services across different servers. Given that I started this tradition before I was particularly proficient with GNU/Linux and *BSD, I have usually taken to using Ubuntu as a crutch of sorts.

Building smarter

I've been meaning to improve the way I deploy this website for a little while now. Since I stopped using Netlify in favour of a more bare-bones approach, there has been a lot of manual/ugly work involved with the process of updating this website and posting from its RSS feed to my Mastodon feed.

In defence of GNOME Web

So you probably already know that Mozilla recently went bang and fired 25% of its workforce before announcing that whoops lol actually we are still going to be able to feed the hungry fox this year…

Plan 9 fun

Just when I was worried I would never be able to have fun with computers again, along comes Plan 9.

Site speed improvements

Ditch the walled gardens

Spotify is really just a symptom of a larger problem, but it's a nasty symptom we should treat.

Dell XPS 13 thoughts

I've never really been much of a hardware person, but this machine has some really nifty features.

Finally, change

The last time I posted anything here was August 2020. Wow. That's a pretty substantial break, but it does also coincide with the last time I had any time off work. So in a way it makes sense.

Automation Fun

Part of the fun of technical writing is figuring out how you can do less of it.