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New site

As the astute among you may have noticed, this site has undergone some changes over the last couple of days. That's because I've now completely moved away from Wordpress and destroyed my old server in favour of a different provider.

Bring back my internet

Okay, so I'm slightly reneging on my earlier post by writing about computers again, but trust me when I say this one is as much personal as it is technical.

Coleslaw migration

I've recently started learning to use Emacs after leaving the Emacs manual lying around for the better part of a year. Since I've decided to try my hand at some common lisp I figured it would be a good time to start learning, and my goodness I wish I'd started this sooner.

Into the Void

More writing

I've been writing posts on this website for a little while now, mostly relating to my technological exploits and sysadmin misadventures. While this is a big part of my life at the moment, it's not the only thing I do.

Moving to Sphinx

I've made a few changes to this website. Well, not really a few changes, more like a complete overhaul. I was getting a bit bored of using Hugo/Markdown and decided to challenge myself to using Sphinx and rST instead.

New developments

Every time I have a blog I am always really bad at posting to it consistently. Actually, a lot has changed in recent months so I thought I'd do a little brain dump.


It feels good to actually have a positive impact on something. One of my biggest gripes about working in support is that you are – as a support agent – inevitably the face of disappoinment and/or failure at some point…


In December 2019, I was given a new role at work. This was with the understanding that there would need to be a transition period while I trained my replacement, but that I could expect to be out of my current role within 6 months…

Site speed improvements

July Update

Appointments booked, work in full swing. This move is actually happening!

Automation Fun

Part of the fun of technical writing is figuring out how you can do less of it.

The Fediverse is here to help

This ain't your daddy's web

My path to technical writing

Part of the fun of technical writing is figuring out how you can do less of it.