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Learning FreeBSD

Things are never as simple as you think they're going to be.

Going green

I'm always surprised when I see modern companies not using renewable energy sources as a matter of course. It seems so strange to me that they don't see that this is a really big draw, especially in the tech industry where at least 70% of us are weird hippies.

Moving to FreeBSD

I've been doing a lot of playing around with FreeBSD lately as part of my never-ending quest to find the ideal operating system. There are some things I absolutely love about the system, and its minimalist setup and hardy security defaults made it the ideal candidate to set my website up on.

A new year

2019 was a bit of a rocky year, admittedly. With the country in which I reside resigning itself utterly to lunacy, my relationship ending, and a general descent in my mental health at several points due to work and existing issues, it is not a year I will necessarily look back on with much fondness. All is not, however, doom and gloom.

Coleslaw migration

I've recently started learning to use Emacs after leaving the Emacs manual lying around for the better part of a year. Since I've decided to try my hand at some common lisp I figured it would be a good time to start learning, and my goodness I wish I'd started this sooner.


So I've been having some fun recently trying to teach myself Rust I'm not really a programmer by any stretch of the imagination (yet!) but was challenged to write a bot for a Matrix chatroom I frequent. Most of us have written bots already, so it was my time to try something.

Say no to Slack

I cannot abide Slack. Slack represents the worst of office communications wrapped up in a frustrating, ugly, and resource-intensive application.

Going free

I've been working with and enjoying technology most of my life. As such (and given the long history of vendor lock-in and associated cost/challenge with going without the support of major tech companies), I have a pretty significant footprint with certain tech companies.

Into the Void

Moving to Sphinx

I've made a few changes to this website. Well, not really a few changes, more like a complete overhaul. I was getting a bit bored of using Hugo/Markdown and decided to challenge myself to using Sphinx and rST instead.