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July Update

Things have been a bit busy this past month. As well as getting vaccinated and finally securing my visa appointment, I’ve been doing a lot at work. This month saw the release of our new help center, to which I contributed my first SDK documentation. I’ve had to sit down and learn Swift, Objective-C, and Java to get this out the door. It’s been a bit of an adventure!

I’ve also been socialising more, especially important since I’ll be moving away soon. It’s been so nice to catch up with people and keep in more constant contact. Here’s hoping the govt. lifts the Covid restrictions soon. It’ll be nice to have a proper big gathering of friends.

In more tech-related news I’ve recently been testing out the new Windows 11 release. I’ll write up my thoughts in a bit more detail soon, but suffice to say it’s a good upgrade. I’m looking forward to what Microsoft is able to make of it over the next few months. Animations are a little janky (still), but it’s obvious that they’re taking a lot of care over the interface.

All things being equal, I’m hoping to be able to make my move to Germany in September. I’ll be applying for my visa in London next week and getting my second jab in August. If Mutti Merkel doesn’t decide to shut me out, I should be able to go shortly after. I’m excited and terrified about moving, but it’s going to be a good change. I haven’t lived abroad in over 7 years at this point and England is definitely grating on me. It seems that the country is getting less agreeable every day. Even glancing at the news or social feeds is enough to instill rage in me.

I’m also aiming to get back to work on Funkwhale over the next few weeks. Due to work I’ve had to step back from my ongoing merge requests, but now that it’s calmed down I’d like to finish. There are some exciting visual changes and important security upgrades coming. Here’s to making 1.2 a great release!

Bis bald, Deutschland!