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More speed improvements

A little while ago I made some significant changes to this website’s design, asset delivery, and build system Recently, however, I decided to do some benchmarking against a friend’s site to see how it stacked up and I was surprised to see that my site was still significantly slower than it could be, and it was also failing some Lighthouse tests when run through Chromium. I decided to take the time to fix these recently and have made the following changes:

As a result of all these changes, the site should now load twice as fast. Obviously, images still take some time to load but given the changes made in the build process this should not block a page’s load (I only rarely use images as an illustrative tool anyway, so they’re not really essential).

One other important thing I was able to do as part of this most recent sweep of changes is ensure that the site’s colour scheme is up-to-code with accessibility rules. Since the scheme was pretty much directly copied from Plan 9 I didn’t really doubt that this would be the case, but it’s good to make sure. I’ve updated the CSS to make all colours variables now, so should I choose to implement different themes in future it should be trivial to implement these.

My site still isn’t as fast as my friend’s (he just has a much smaller stylesheet, there’s not much I can do there), but I do score a lot higher on accessibility. I’m going to call that a win for today.

A screenshot of a Google Lighthouse report showing scores of 100 in each category