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New developments

It’s been a little while

Every time I have a blog I am always really bad at posting to it consistently. Actually, a lot has changed in recent months so I thought I’d do a little brain dump.


Thanks to the lovely people at Funkwhale I’m finally getting involved properly with a software project. To date I’ve provided a couple of new (extremely simple) features and bugfixes, as well as leading a large project to restructure the documentation and provide a slew of new user guides. I’ve also tried to get involved closely with the community and maintain an active role even when I can’t necessarily contribute anything material to the project. Over the last week or so this has taken a back seat, however, due to…

House hunt

My partner and I are looking at buying our first place. Currently we are renting, but renting in Exeter is a painfully expensive and unrewarding experience. We’ve found a flat in the centre of town that we both really like, and are now going through all the fun of trying to work out what a mortgage is and how we get one.

It’s not fun.

We’re uncertain at this point whether we’ll actually be able to complete this move, but we’re pretty hopeful that we can move swiftly enough to grab it while it’s on the market. If we can, we’ll be a lot closer to all of the things we’re currently missing out on.


I’ve been making leaps and bounds at work recently. A lot of the projects I’ve been leading have been directly inspired by my work with Funkwhale, and I’m happy to say that the projects to manage documentation in Markdown + Git as well as the process of managing mapping changes in Git have both been officially implemented and are being used across the board. It’s been a bit of a fight, but it’s been really good to see people get excited about the benefits a project is going to bring them.

That’s really it for now. It’s been a crazy busy month this month (not least with our insane political atmosphere at the moment), but hopefully something really good will come of it eventually.