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Moving to Sphinx

I’ve made a few changes to this website. Well, not really a few changes, more like a complete overhaul. I was getting a bit bored of using Hugo/Markdown and decided to challenge myself to the following:

This wasn’t too difficult in theory, more time consuming (what can I say? I get bored). It involved taking all markdown files, converting them to rST, setting up Sphinx and all related env variables, creating new build instructions and ultimately getting everything to build seamlessly from the push.


Previously I had hosted this setup on Github for ease of use, but recently I’ve been finding myself liking it less and less. I’ve had a Gitlab for a while and have run my own Gitea server, but it seemed wasteful to keep a server like that running when my personal site (the project I most frequently push to) isn’t even pushing from there. I’ve therefore decided to retire Gitsune and move operations to Gitlab for now. Eventually I’ll probably resurrect Gitsune as a Gitlab instance but looking at the spec for it I’ll probably hold off until I have a bit more of an income…