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Coleslaw migration

The Coleslaw logo

This marks my third(?) migration to a new site format! :tada:

I’ve recently started learning to use Emacs after leaving the Emacs manual lying around for the better part of a year. Since I’ve decided to try my hand at some common lisp I figured it would be a good time to start learning, and my goodness I wish I’d started this sooner.

As part of this new experience I started looking into ways I could use Lisp in my everyday life. I quickly came across Coleslaw as a recommended static site generator and decided to give it a go. There’s a bit of a learning curve to it, and it doesn’t really have the simplicity and wider appeal of alternatives such as Hugo and Pelican, but for the sort of thing I’m doing it works wonderfully. The config is a joy to write (reminds me a lot of configuring my Guix system settings) and everything can be easily chopped and changed without too much worry. I can highly recommend it.

After years of Vim and VSCodium usage, I’ve finally taken the plunge into Emacs and… I completely get it. This program is nothing short of magical. Again, lots of configuration and learning required (I have a 500 page manual sat on my desk for easy reference!) but once you’ve got even the most basic commands down and some essential extensions installed you never want to leave it. It’s just so damn fun to learn. I’m going to see how it goes as my everyday IDE. It’s already got me to uninstall Riot, Telegram, and Thunderbird from my machine…