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More speed improvements

Checking Lighthouse tests is a dangerous thing for your free time.

Python programming

I've been having some fun learning Python recently as part of a course I'm doing. One of our early assignments was to create a simple saponification calculator which would return the amount of lye and water required to make soap from some given oils.

Plan 9 fun

Just when I was worried I would never be able to have fun with computers again, along comes Plan 9.

Ditch the walled gardens

Spotify is really just a symptom of a larger problem, but it's a nasty symptom we should treat.

Site speed improvements


For a good long while now I've been hosting a bunch of different services across different servers. Given that I started this tradition before I was particularly proficient with GNU/Linux and *BSD, I have usually taken to using Ubuntu as a crutch of sorts.

Building smarter

I've been meaning to improve the way I deploy this website for a little while now. Since I stopped using Netlify in favour of a more bare-bones approach, there has been a lot of manual/ugly work involved with the process of updating this website and posting from its RSS feed to my Mastodon feed.

Playing with ports

I've recently been playing around with FreeBSD on one of my laptops. Why? Boredom, frankly.

Learning FreeBSD

Things are never as simple as you think they're going to be.

Going green

I'm always surprised when I see modern companies not using renewable energy sources as a matter of course. It seems so strange to me that they don't see that this is a really big draw, especially in the tech industry where at least 70% of us are weird hippies.