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I think I'm done with the web

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The title is a bit melodramatic, I know. I can't realistically abandon the web since I work in web technologies, and a lot of the stuff I have to do day-to-day requires the web. I guess I just feel tired. Something about the recent collapse of Twitter and the subsequent clamour of wannabe replacements has soured me to the "web" and the impossibility of wresting it away from greedy hands.

The web was (at one point) an exciting place to me. Lots of interesting people writing about the things that fascinated them for no other reason than they wanted to write about it. They could potentially find a new community of people who share their passion, but equally they may be shouting into the void alone. It didn't matter. People just wrote and drew and shared.

The modern web is exhausting. Everywhere I look I'm bombarded with ads and people screaming about how generative AIs are going to replace my mother (or something to that effect). Each site is so heavy and just takes an age to load. I'm just tired of having to interface with it every day.

Today, I've made the decision to retire my website and move everything to Gemini. I'm not going to pick up every single one of my old posts (most of them are terrible anyway), but I've got a few that I want to keep hold of. Apart from that, I'll just archive the old site and shut off the builds. People will just need to find me on here if they're even interested.